About Us

Our Story

At CyberMedics we believe that business automation does not have to be hard, time consuming, or require expensive software solutions. We focus on leveraging the power of software that users are already comfortable with such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint to provide automation solutions designed around a business’ unique processes and requirements.

CyberMedics as an idea started back in the early 2000’s when high-schooler Garrett Curtis set out to help the neighborhood families with their computer repair needs. After several years and many happy customers, CyberMedics was put on hold as Garrett set out for Purdue University and a career in Aerospace Engineering. Garrett’s first job out of college was with a large Aerospace Interiors company, where he spent time both designing airplane seats and streamlining engineering and business processes.

Garrett has always been fascinated with the “way that work gets done” and quickly discovered the joy of process improvement. By leveraging his technological background, Garrett began developing software programs to help his coworkers automate routine tasks that were eating up their day. Inspired by the significant positive impact of these projects, Garrett founded CyberMedics in 2016 to help other businesses with their automation needs.